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Site details

Seraya manufacturing plant at night
Jurong Island, Singapore manufacturing location
Site size in hectares 63
Site size in acres 119
Principal activities Shell Jurong Island is made up of several chemical manufacturing assets that produce:

• Ethylene oxide (which is converted into ethylene glycols and high purity ethylene oxide) and ethoxylates. These products are used in applications such as polyester fibres, polyester resins and surfactants.

• Styrene monomer, the starting material for plastics such as polystyrene, expandable polystyrene and acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene. The main applications for these products are in the automotive, electrical, appliances and packaging industries.

• Propylene oxide, which is used in a wide range of chemical derivatives including polyols, propylene glycols (namely monopropylene glycol and dipropylene glycol), glycol ether solvents and flame retardants.

• Polyols, the main derivative of propylene oxide, which are used primarily to produce polyurethane foams, coatings, elastomers, adhesives and sealants.
Main chemicals products manufactured

Ethylene glycols; ethylene oxidealcohol ethoxylates; polyether polyols (CARADOLS); propylene glycols; propylene oxide; styrene monomer

  • EGS: ISO9001 – Certified since 10th Aug 1994 ISO14001 - Certified since 21 December 1999.
  • SMPO and PODU: ISO9001 Certified ISO9002:1994 since 7 October 1998; Conversion to ISO9001:2000 on 20 December 2003; Conversion to ISO9001:2008 on 20 December 2009. ISO14001 – Certified ISO14001:1996 on 23 March 2000; Conversion to ISO14001:2004 on 1 April 2006.
  • MEG: ISO 14001 – Certified in 2011; ISO9001 certification planned in February 2013.
Adjoining industrial activities
  • Oiltanking Odfjell Terminal Singapore (OOTS)
  • Power Seraya
  • Seraya Chemicals Singapore Pte Ltd established on 8 February 1994 as a 70:30 joint venture between Shell and Mitsubishi Chemical.
  • Official opening December 1997.
  • In August 1999 Shell Chemicals Seraya became a wholly owned Shell company.
  • In 2002 a new Styrene Monomer/Propylene Oxide (SM/PO) plant owned by Ellba Eastern (Pte) Ltd, a 50:50 manufacturing joint venture between Shell and BASF, came on-stream.
  • In 2009 the management team at Shell Chemicals Seraya Pte Ltd took on responsibility for the operation of the Shell owned mono-ethylene glycols plant on Jurong Island.
  • In 2010, Shell Eastern Petroleum (Pte) Ltd signed an agreement to buy out the remaining shares for Ethylene Glycols (Singapore) Pte Ltd (EGS) from Japan-Singapore EOG Company, making EGS a 100% subsidiary.
  • At the end of 2014, Shell acquired the 50 per cent shareholding of Ellba Eastern (Pte) Ltd – a joint venture between Shell and BASF which produces styrene monomer and propylene oxide. Shell is hence the full owner of Ellba, which it has been operating since the plant started up in June 2002.

Plant capacities

Jurong Island, Singapore manufacturing location plant capacities
Plant Ownership Capacity (kt/yr)
Alcohol ethoxylates Shell Eastern Petroleum (Pte) Ltd
Ethylene glycols Shell Eastern Petroleum (Pte) Ltd
65 (EO), 92 (EG)
Ethylene glycols Shell Eastern Petroleum (Pte) Ltd 810 (MEG)
Polyether polyols Shell Eastern Petroleum (Pte) Ltd 340
Propylene glycols Shell Eastern Petroleum (Pte) Ltd 80 (MPG - USP and industrial); 10 (DPG)
SM/PO 1 Shell Eastern Petroleum (Pte) Ltd 390 (SM); 181 (PO)
SM/PO 2 (Ellba Eastern (Pte) Ltd) Shell Eastern Petroleum (Pte) Ltd 550 (SM); 250 (PO)

Contact details

Geismar, Louisiana, USA manufacturing location contact details
Full address Shell Chemicals Seraya Pte Ltd
61 Seraya Avenue
Singapore 627879
Telephone +65 6576 0400
Fax +65 6576 0781
Emergency telephone +65 9717 2702 (Grid phone)
Contact number for potential employees +65 6576 0436
Site manager Stephen Fowler