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Site details

Geismar at night
Scotford, Alberta, Canada manufacturing location
Site size in hectares 329
Site size in acres 814
Principal activities

The facility at Geismar is a stand-alone chemicals manufacturing plant operated by Shell Chemical LP. Products manufactured include industrial chemicals such as alpha olefins, detergent alcohols, alcohol ethoxylates, plasticiser alcohols, ethylene oxide and ethylene glycols.

The products made at Geismar are used by customers to manufacture personal care products, soaps, shampoos and household cleaning solutions.

Main chemicals products manufactured

Alpha olefins; detergent alcohols; alcohol ethoxylates; NEODOL LM* ethoxylates; plasticiser alcohols (sold under the NEODENE*; NEODOL*; NEOFLO*; LINEVOL* trade names); ethylene oxide; ethylene glycols; 1-butene

  • ISO 9001:2008 certification for the manufacture and supply of ethylene oxide glycols, detergent alcohols and ethoxylates.
  • Responsible Care ® 14001:2008 certification of Responsible Care Environmental Management System.
Adjoining industrial activities

BASF and OxyChem

  • Groundbreaking for the site commenced in July 1965.
  • Site began production in 1967.
  • Major ethylene oxide/ethylene glycols expansion completed in 1995.
  • Major olefins and alcohols expansion completed in 2002.

Plant capacities

Geismar, Louisiana, USA manufacturing location plant capacities
Plant Ownership Capacity (billion lbs/yr; kt/yr)
Alcohol ethoxylates Shell Chemical LP 0.7 (325)
Ethylene glycols Shell Chemical LP 0.83 (375)
Ethylene oxide Shell Chemical LP 0.92 (415)
Higher Alcohols (NEODOL Detergent & LINEVOL Plasticiser Alcohols) Shell Chemical LP 0.9 (425)
Linear higher olefins Shell Chemical LP 2.0 (920)

Contact details

Geismar, Louisiana, USA manufacturing location contact details
Full address Shell Chemical LP
7594 Highway 75
Louisiana 70734
Telephone +1 225 201 6222
Fax +1 225 201 6218
Emergency telephone +1 225 201 6222
Contact number for potential employees +1 225 201 6222
Site manager Roxan Kraft