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Site details

Deer Park manufacturing location
Scotford, Alberta, Canada manufacturing location
Site size in hectares  243
Site size in acres  600
Principal activities

Shell Chemical Deer Park is part of a joint oil refinery/ chemicals manufacturing site. Shell Deer Park Refining Company operates the refinery while chemicals are made by Shell Chemical LP. The plant makes few final products; rather, it manufactures base chemicals that are sold to other chemical companies that transform them into thousands of consumer products, ranging from plastics to building materials.

Main chemicals products manufactured

Ethylene; propylene; butylene; isoprene; butadiene; piperylene; dicyclopentadiene; benzene; toluene; xylenesphenol; acetone; cumene


ISO 9001-2000, RC14001®

Other plants on site Momentive Specialty Chemicals epoxy resins plant, Oxy Vinyls LP vinyl chloride monomers plant, Calpine co-generation plant, and Kinder Morgan, which handles petroleum coke distribution for Shell Deer Park.
Adjoining industrial activities
  • Dow Chemical
  • Geon
  • Lubrizol
  • Prax Air
  • 1940s: Chemical plant foundation
  • 1979: Start up of OP-III
  • 1988: Divestment of VCM (vinyl chloride monomer) plant to Occidental
  • 1999: New phenol/acetone plant
  • 2000: Startup of Phenol-3
  • 2000: Divestment of resins plant to Hexion Specialty Chemicals (now Momentive Specialty Chemicals)
  • 2004: Olefins expansion

Plant capacities

Deer Park ,Texas, USA manufacturing location plant capacities
Plant Ownership Capacity (kt/yr)
ACU/Benzene & BEU/Benzene Shell Chemical LP 675 combined
BD3/Butadiene Shell Chemical LP 145
Cumene/Cumene Shell Chemical LP not disclosed
HT-II/Benzene concentrate Shell Chemical LP not disclosed
IRU/Isoprene Shell Chemical LP 61
OP-II/Ethylene & OP-III/Ethylene Shell Chemical LP 834 combined
OXU/Mixed xylenes Shell Chemical LP 200
PAP#2/3 Phenol; acetone Shell Chemical LP 600; 366

Contact details

Deer Park, Texas, USA manufacturing location contact details
Full address Shell Chemical LP
5900 Highway 225
Deer Park
TX 77536
Telephone +1 713 246 4371
Fax +1 713 246 7800
Emergency telephone +1 713 246 7301
Contact number for potential employees +1 713 246 4371
Web site www.shell.us/deerpark
Site manager Mark Byrd