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Shell Mexphalte RM

High quality and durable asphalt

The utilisation of scrap tyres in rubber-modified bitumen (RMB) can not only help contribute to the conservation of natural resources and improved waste management but also enable the creation of high-performing asphalt pavements, comparable to those containing polymer modified bitumen (PMB).

Shell Mexphalte RM is an innovative RMB designed to provide high performance for long-lasting pavements; hence it can help meet increasing traffic load demands. In addition, it can help contribute to better waste management.


Shell Mexphalte RM is designed:

  • To help enable improved waste management whilst conserving natural resources
  • For performance and quality comparable to PMB
  • For reduced emissions, improved storage stability and workability compared to conventional RMB
  • For high-quality wearing courses and porous asphalt applications 
  • For outstanding cold temperature properties 
  • To allow cost reduction when applied in stone-mastic and porous asphalt mixes as no need for fibres.

Please contact your local Shell sales contact for the country specific availability

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Sustainable Development
At Shell Bitumen we aim to deliver pavement solutions designed to help reduce your business’s impact on the environment and to help improve the quality of life for those living in both the developing and developed world.