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Shell Floraphalte

Even though Shell Floraphalte differs from normal asphalt, you would not notice any difference during processing

Shell Floraphalte represents the next generation of clear binder for the production of high performance coloured asphalts, manufactured using plant based renewable ingredients.
Shell Floraphalte builds on decades of experience with delivering high-performing clear binders, suitable for pedestrian and cycle ways.

Environmental benefits

A 2001 report has shown that the construction of an asphalt pavement can have a 27% lower carbon footprint than that of a cement concrete pavement*, and now a recent study† has shown that the amount of CO2 absorbed from the atmosphere by the plant feedstock used in Shell Floraphalte during its growth could be enough to offset carbon emissions associated with the manufacturing and transportation of the asphalt mixture for, and the construction of, a 30mm asphalt pavement using Shell Floraphalte.

Asphalt manufactured using Shell Floraphalte can be mixed and laid at temperatures up to 30°C lower than those required for conventional hot mix asphalt products, without affecting its workability, resulting in reduced energy consumption and in turn, decreased CO2 emissions.

Coloured Solutions booklet

Exceptional visual appearance: Shell Floraphalte has a high level of translucency and can be laid in almost any desired colour, even in natural colours, to match the needs of designers. It can also be used in the production of a range of subtly coloured asphalts by adding small amounts of conventional pigment to the asphalt mixture. Its translucent nature allows harmonisation of the pavement with urban heritage sites, tourist locations, etc.

High technical performance: Shell Floraphalte has been extensively tested in both the laboratory and field application and contains a high quality polymer designed to provide enhanced performance. Shell Floraphalte is formulated to deliver excellent performance in ageing resistance, adhesion, water resistance and durability.

Shell Floraphalte – the comprehensive solution: Shell Floraphalte is suitable for pedestrian and cycle lane applications. As with other Shell colour pavement solutions, Shell Floraphalte comes as a comprehensive solution including training for contractors; flexible and adaptive supply logistics and packaging, as well as expert technical advice.

Please contact your local Shell sales contact for the country specific availability 

* Source: ILV Report on "Life Cycle Assessment of Road - A Pilot Study for Inventory Analysis", 2001 Note: This calculation is only valid for the conditions mentioned in the source.
** Source: INTRON Floraphalte LCA report, "A review of Floraphalte® with a focus on CO2 and energy compared to 70/100 paving grade bitumen and its application- after critical review –", 2009

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Sustainable Development
At Shell Bitumen we aim to deliver pavement solutions designed to help reduce your business’s impact on the environment and to help improve the quality of life for those living in both the developing and developed world.