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Within this market there are a wide range of applications for bitumen; the primary markets include roofing, flooring, waterproofing and sealants.


The selection of polymer type can greatly enhance binder performance by improving elasticity and durability, reducing both high and low temperature susceptibility, and improving adhesion properties. These and the benefits below are in comparison to conventional oxidised bitumen.

Shell Caritop for carpet tiles is formulated to:

  • allow for lower mixing temperature during the manufacturing process, contributing to reduced energy consumption and emissions during the process;
  • allow an increased filler content and a wider use of filler types, including fillers from recycled sources; and
  • improve the mechanical performance of the finished tile.

When used in roofing felts, Shell Caritop binders are designed for:

  • improved resistance to high and low temperatures – improved dimensional stability for flat and pitched roofing;
  • improved cold bend and adhesion properties; and
  • reduced risk of damage during installation (foot marking).

In mastic flooring, paving and roofing Shell Caritop is designed to:

  • improve high-temperature stability and low-temperature flexibility - climatic extremes and thermal shock;
  • increase tolerance to building movement; and
  • offer a greater durability and increased fatigue resistance.

Please contact your local Shell sales contact for the country specific availability