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Shell Cariphalte

Shell Bitumen has designed the Shell Cariphalte polymer modified bitumen range to provide solutions for all types of roads. Shell Cariphalte technology, the product of 40 years’ expertise and continual development, has earned us an international reputation. Our know-how, supply capability, service standards and reputation all help make Shell Bitumen an ideal partner.

The performance of the Shell Cariphalte range of polymer modified binders is the result of decades of worldwide experience as a leading bitumen supplier. These advanced products, manufactured by blending selected high performing polymers with carefully chosen base bitumen, are designed to offer improved adaptability, durability and reliability compared to conventional bitumen – to provide you with the solution you want for the job you need to do.

Key benefits:

  • Durability – Due to its resistance to permanent deformation and superior resistance to stress compared to conventional bitumen, Shell Cariphalte is the ideal choice for busy roads
  • Reliability – The reassurance of knowing you have a reliable product created by one of the world’s leading technical specialists in bitumen manufacturing
  • Adaptability – Specially formulated polymer modified bitumen gives Shell Cariphalte flexible qualities and an ability to adapt to demands the road may throw at you.

Shell Cariphalte is particularly suited to heavy traffic locations such as highways, main roads, airfields, overlaying concrete, roundabouts and bus lanes. Typically we’ve developed products for a combination of the following needs:

  • for use in thin surfacing and stone mastic asphalt;
  • for use in drainage (porous) asphalt applications;
  • for an increased level of fuel resistance;
  • for motor-racing circuits and test tracks;
  • for asphalt mixtures designed for high resistance to permanent deformation and high flexibility; and
  • for high-performance road applications in combination with Reclaimed Asphalt Pavement.

Shell Cariphalte polymer modified binders are manufactured by blending selected high performing polymers with carefully chosen base bitumen. This allows Shell Cariphalte to be used in challenging situations, where increased performance is required. It is formulated to offer improved resistance to deformation and fatigue of the asphalt and to provide better adhesion between bitumen and aggregate compared to conventional bitumen.

Please contact your local Shell sales contact for availability in your country.

Shell Cariphalte FuelSafe - Answering the demands of fuel spillages

Shell Cariphalte Fuelsafe

Shell Cariphalte Fuelsafe is today’s cost-effective alternative to conventional bitumen for locations that are prone to fuel damage.

Shell Cariphalte Fuelsafe is the high performance bitumen that has been specially designed to make asphalt surfaces last longer when exposed to the potential damage caused by spilt and leaking fuel.

Extensive experience and expertise in all aspects of bitumen technology, plus an ongoing commitment policy of continual product improvement, have led to the development of Shell Cariphalte Fuelsafe. It is a proven and cost-effective bitumen from Shell, that delivers at least three times more resistance to the costly effects of fuel leakage than conventional grades.

Suitable applications

  • Airports
  • Bus depots
  • Ports and docks
  • Roads
  • Transport yards.

Please contact your local Shell sales contact for the country specific availability.

Shell Cariphalte Racetrack - Race-proven high performance bitumen

Shell Cariphalte Racetrack is a high performance modified bitumen, specifically developed for use in asphalt mixtures on racing circuits. The high speed, temperature and torsional demands put on a racing circuit surface are extreme and Shell Cariphalte Racetrack has been developed to meet these demands. In this environment you need a bitumen that continually delivers winning results and Shell Cariphalte Racetrack has experience around the world on both Formula 1 and Moto GP racetracks.

A high performing bitumen

Shell Cariphalte Racetrack is a modified bitumen that has clear, high performance advantages over conventional binders.

Drawing on global experience with race circuits, Shell Cariphalte Racetrack has:

  • Increased resistance to fretting through surface shear stress
  • Improved workability of asphalt mixtures at paving temperatures
  • Increased stiffness modulus at in-service temperatures
  • Improved resistance to surface deformation.

The Shell brand has had a strong connection with motorsport, through ongoing involvement with Ferrari, Ducati and V8 racing. Now Shell has another world class, race winning formula on the track.

Shell Cariphalte Racetrack has experience globally of some of the world’s leading racing circuits including:

  • Formula 1 circuit Sepang, Malaysia
  • Formula 1 circuit Sakhir, Bahrain
  • Formula 1 circuits Hockenheim and
  • Nurburgring, Germany
  • Ferrari’s test track, Fiorano, Italy
  • Formula 1 circuit, Singapore.

Please contact your local Shell sales contact for the country specific Shell Cariphalte portfolio.

Shell Cariphalte RC

Shell Cariphalte RC

Innovative technology for Reclaimed Asphalt Pavement in high-quality layers

Shell Cariphalte RC - Polymer-modified bitumen designed for high performance road applications in combination with Reclaimed Asphalt Pavement

With an average service life of 20-30 years, asphalt roads undergo regular renovation. Every year, this generates large quantities of asphalt residue. With proper treatment, these can be reused in the construction of new, cost-effective roads.

Asphalt roads have an average service life of 20-30 years before they undergo a programme of regular renovation and maintenance. As a result, large quantities of asphalt residue are generated every year. With proper treatment this reclaimed asphalt pavement can be reused for the construction of new cost-effective roads.

The first priority when using RAP in upper, high-quality layers is the parity of asphalt pavement performance with and without RAP. In particular, this means that the criteria for resistance against deformation and cold temperature flexibility are equally fulfilled in both cases.

In the late 1990s, Shell had already identified the potential of reclaimed asphalt and started to develop a new binder technology for the application and usage of RAP in high quality surfacing materials.

Shell Cariphalte RC is designed for the application and usage of RAP in high performance road applications. By modifying the performance of the bitumen, RAP can not only be used in base layers but also in upper, high-quality layers and therefore can help users meet applicable recycling and waste management criteria.

Advantages for you

  • Can be used to widen the use of RAP into high performance pavement
  • Designed to deliver the high performance of polymer-modified products when used correctly
  • Can be used in base, upper and high quality layers
  • Can help reduce total asset cost when used correctly.

Please contact your local Shell sales contact for the country specific availability.