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As well as standard penetration grades and oxidised bitumen products, Shell Bitumen has developed a comprehensive specialist product portfolio designed to meet the needs of industrial, professional or domestic users.

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Shell Bitumen has developed a comprehensive specialist product portfolio designed to meet the needs of industrial, professional or domestic users.

Shell Bitumen products are tailored to meet the needs of asphalt manufacturers, road builders, construction, government, communities, asset owners, designers and architects and are designed to offer usable and effective solutions for a wide variety  of markets.

Please note that not all of Shell Bitumen’s products may be available in your country. Please contact your Shell sales contact for specific product availability in your country.

Shell Cariphalte

Manufactured by blending selected high performing polymers with carefully chosen base bitumen, the Shell Cariphalte range of polymer-modified binders is e designed to offer improved adaptability, durability and reliability compared to conventional bitumen.

Shell Mexphalte RM

Shell Mexphalte RM is an innovative rubber-modified bitumen which uses scrap tyres. It is designed for use in the creation of long-lasting pavements and can help businesses to meet recycling objectives.

Shell Multiphalte

Shell Multiphalte is a process modified bitumen that can offer reduced temperature susceptibility and can increase the structural performance of asphalt mixtures on heavy traffic roads.

Shell S-Grade Binders

Shell S-Grade Binders are designed to accelerate productivity. Shell S-Grade Binders’ special formulation provides a ready-to-use solution designed to improve the workability of hot mix asphalt.

Shell Low Temp Binders

Shell Low Temp Binder are designed to lower the mixing or laying temperature of asphalt compared to a conventional asphalt mixture. They are a ready-to-use solution for time and cost saving in road construction.

Shell Thiopave

Shell Thiopave technology has been developed to help improve road performance and deliver environmental benefits through the innovative use of sulphur in the asphalt mix

Shell Bitufresh

Shell Bitufresh is an easily applied additive designed to effectively minimise bitumen odour

Shell Mexphalte C

Shell Mexphalte C is a range of synthetic clear binders designed to deliver the comfort and performance of an asphalt pavement and the advantages of a colourable material.

Shell Caritop

Shell Caritop polymer modified binders are manufactured by blending selected high performing polymers with carefully chosen base bitumen.

Shell Flintkote

Shell Flintkote is a family of high performance waterproofing products that provide protection for entire buildings – from the basement to the roof.

Shell Tixophalte

A ready-to-use bituminous compound that can be applied straight from the pack as an instant filler, joint sealer or adhesive for any job - domestic or commercial.

Standard, Emulsion & Oxidised Grades

The basic grades of Shell Bitumen, including penetration grades and oxidised bitumen.

Solutions For...

Environmental Solutions
With our advanced technologies, we offer solutions designed to be less harmful to the environment – for lower odour, reduced mixing temperatures and lower emissions of CO2 and dust particles in asphalt production.
Car on a road

High performance bitumens designed to maximize resistance to permanent deformation and reduce fatigue of asphalt mixtures that are used in the most demanding locations.

Low Temperature Mixing
Lowering asphalt mixing temperatures can reduce plant and machinery costs while lowering emissions of CO2, dust and fumes.
Risk marketing
Shell, as one of the largest hydrocarbon trading companies in the world, has the expertise to introduce pricing mechanisms to help customers to effectively manage their costs. In times of volatile energy prices, we strive to provide fixed price choices aligned to your commercial needs.
Road Safety
Whether through high-visibility coloured asphalt for cycle paths and traffic zones, or through cost effective solutions for paving rural roads in developing countries, we offer solutions to greatly improve the safety of road networks.
Spray Reduction
In wet conditions, spray from fast-moving vehicles can present a hazard for drivers. Porous asphalt allows rain water to drain through.
Sustainable Development
At Shell Bitumen we aim to deliver pavement solutions designed to help reduce your business’s impact on the environment and to help improve the quality of life for those living in both the developing and developed world.