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Shell Mexphalte C adds colour to Ayutthaya, Thailand

For the first time in Thailand, Shell Mexphalte C has been laid. It has been used to pave the 400 square metre car park on a key heritage site in the Ayutthaya Province: the Elephant Kraal Pavilion.

The ancient city of Ayutthaya was the Thai capital city 417 years ago, and today it remains one of Thailand's major tourist attractions. Situated 76 km north of Bangkok, the city was declared a World Heritage site by UNESCO in 1991, in recognition of its historical and cultural importance.

The Elephant Kraal Pavilion in Ayutthaya was used for the royal family to witness the capture of wild elephants and their rounding up in the Kraal. Showing clear signs of its age, the pavilion was deemed to be in need of renovation and rejuvenation, and Shell Mexphalte C was chosen.

Shell Mexphalte C has a long and successful history around the world, in a number of different applications and climates, proving it to be the right choice of product for this special application. Not only does the colour match the surroundings of the pavilion, but also the asphalt containing Mexphalte C displays excellent engineering properties.

A project engineer from the Department of Rural Road - Ayutthaya (DOR) said: "I can't believe how easy the application of Shell Mexphalte was - and it has such a nice colour. Thanks Shell for bringing this product to Thailand."

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