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Shell Bitufresh Launched

Shell Bitumen's low odour bitumen additive helps improve ambient air quality around asphalt operations.

Generally the handling and storage of bitumen does not cause issues with odour.  Nevertheless, there is nothing like the issue of smell to move people.
Anyone who works within a local community will already know that sometimes unpleasant smells from bitumen manufacturing plants, asphalt mixing areas and laying operations can lead to strong reactions from fellow workers and local residents who are quick to communicate with facility managers and regulatory agencies.  With this in mind Shell Bitumen has been working on ways to help our customers improve the ambient air quality around asphalt operations.
The innovative formulation of Shell Bitufresh neutralises the substances that cause odour to be released from the bitumen.  This effective mechanism is fundamentally different from other bitumen additives, which work by masking the smell.
Shell Bitufresh has proven to be effective in both laboratory and field trials and a patent application for this technology has been filed.