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Surfaces within cities, towns and villages include cycle and bus lanes, pedestrian and recreational areas, heritage spaces and of course roads. All need to withstand the rigours of modern-day urban life, including increasingly heavy traffic flows. 


Shell Bitumen's extensive product portfolio to bring innovative solutions to contractors.

Shell Bitumen's extensive product portfolio provide innovative solutions to the challenges of urban roads.

The demands placed on our urban roads are tough:

  • Intense traffic flows;
  • Increasing static loads due to traffic congestion and at junctions;
  • Variable speeds and uses;
  • Changeable climate conditions that can cause cracking, rutting and skidding; and
  • Air and noise pollution.

For town planners and highway maintenance engineers, there are additional challenges:

  • Balancing aesthetic appeal with a durable solution; providing pavements that are sympathetic to the local environment, for example heritage sites;
  • Minimizing disruption and road closures for surfacing or resurfacing and maintenance works; and
  • Ensuring a competitive life-time maintenance cost.


Our solutions are designed to meet the needs of busy urban areas and to provide durable,

innovative and long-life solutions which are both quick to lay and to cool.

We also offer the flexibility to adapt  the look and feel of the road to the local environment; 

by adding a splash of colour it is possible manage traffic flow more effectively through the creation of bus and cycle lanes, helping to enhance road safety and bring towns and cities to life.

Shell Bitumen has created an extensive product portfolio to bring fast setting solutions to road surfacing contractors across the globe.

Given the heavy volumes of traffic in urban areas, we work hard to ensure that the disruption caused by road maintenance is kept to a minimum;

by increasing the durability of our products, future maintenance needs are reduced;  by improving the workability of our products, we can help to shorten your paving window.

Urban roads have a wide variety of uses and our technical teams are experienced in creating solutions that fit individual pavement needs.

Solutions For...

Urban Regeneration
Improving the quality of inner city spaces, our colourless binders can be mixed with conventional pigments to bring colour and light to important community spaces.
Road Safety
Whether through high-visibility coloured asphalt for cycle paths and traffic zones, or through cost effective solutions for paving rural roads in developing countries, we offer solutions to greatly improve the safety of road networks.
Clean/Environmental Solutions
With our advanced technologies, we offer solutions designed to be less harmful to the environment – for lower odour, reduced mixing temperatures and lower emissions of CO2 and dust particles in asphalt production.
Noise Reduction
Because the main source of noise pollution from roads is caused by tyre-road interaction, we have developed paving solutions to reduce noise emissions and minimise noise pollution.
Low Temperature Mixing
Lowering asphalt mixing temperatures can reduce plant and machinery costs while lowering emissions of CO2, dust and fumes.
Truck asphalting a road

Recycling road pavements involves removing and re-using the surface course in a new asphalt mixture to repair or resurface an existing road, reducing the amount of new aggregate required.

Low Odour
We have developed solutions to help you improve ambient air quality around asphalt operations, neutralising the substances that cause odour to be released from bitumen.