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Whatever the structure, these roads are key economic drivers, providing essential links between villages and farms and their local and regional markets. Roads also provide wider social benefits, giving rural and often isolated communities vital access to schools and hospitals.


Shell Bitumen's product portfolio provides cost-effective, durable solutions for rural roads

Shell Bitumen's product portfolio provides cost-effective, durable solutions for rural roads.

Creating and maintaining an effective road network for rural areas is essential in supporting rural economies. The challenges faced by rural roads include:

  • Improving durability, particularly under intense rainfall and monsoon conditions;
  • Reducing or eliminating the dust that gravel/earth roads produce;
  • Providing a system that can be operated easily without complex machinery, using locally sourced aggregate;
  • Providing an affordable paving system that can be financed by local government and communities; and
  • Delivering materials to remote areas. 


We recognise that a strong road network is a lifeline to rural communities, especially in countries where budgets are considerably restrained. We offer durability and quality whilst recognising that the roads often see relatively low volumes of traffic.

We do not over-engineer products but offer fit-for-purpose solutions that provide value-for-money.

Solutions For...

Road Safety
Whether through high-visibility coloured asphalt for cycle paths and traffic zones, or through cost effective solutions for paving rural roads in developing countries, we offer solutions to greatly improve the safety of road networks.
Clean/Environmental Solutions
With our advanced technologies, we offer solutions designed to be less harmful to the environment – for lower odour, reduced mixing temperatures and lower emissions of CO2 and dust particles in asphalt production.
Low Temperature Mixing
Lowering asphalt mixing temperatures can reduce plant and machinery costs while lowering emissions of CO2, dust and fumes.
Cost Reduction
Shell, as one of the largest hydrocarbon trading companies in the world, has the expertise to introduce pricing mechanisms to help customers to effectively manage their costs. In times of volatile energy prices, we strive to provide fixed price choices aligned to your commercial needs.
Sustainable Development
At Shell Bitumen we aim to deliver pavement solutions designed to help reduce your business’s impact on the environment and to help improve the quality of life for those living in both the developing and developed world.