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With the heavy traffic demands, a pavement solution which is durable and quick to lay is essential

With the heavy traffic demands, a pavement solution which is durable and quick to lay is essential.

They are often high-speed networks - effective paving solutions are essential in helping to keep commercial vehicles and car drivers safe on the road.

Safety is paramount in the design and laying of main roads, with features such as skid resistance, water spray management, and luminescence key in helping reduce the potential for high-speed accidents.

Main roads come with their own set of demands and challenges, including:

  • Increased speeds and traffic intensity, as well as elevated vehicle weights;
  • Severe climate conditions leading to potential for cracking and high-speed skidding;
  • Air and noise pollution;
  • Maintenance and repair work during peak times; and
  • Cost-efficiency in budget-restricted times.


Our solutions are designed to withstand the demands of high volume inter-city road networks and highways.  With heavy traffic demands, a pavement solution which is durable and quick to lay – thus reducing maintenance downtime – is essential to keeping the traffic flow moving and keeping the roads open.

The volume and intensity of traffic on main roads creates the ideal opportunities to fully utilise Shell Bitumen’s technical innovations such as premium binders for porous asphalt to help increase road safety and efficiency.

With improved workability to reduce the paving window and increased durability, the lifecycle cost of main roads is considerably reduced. With higher adhesion rates, there can be a reduced risk of water ingress and associated maintenance costs.

Speed is a key factor – not only the speed of the traffic on the road but responsiveness to our customers’ needs; a reliable supply of bitumen from a sustainable source, delivered on time, using a first class delivery network.

This all helps our main roads remain open, minimising disruption to road users.

Solutions For...

Spray Reduction
In wet conditions, spray from fast-moving vehicles can present a hazard for drivers. Porous asphalt allows rain water to drain through.
Car on road

High performance bitumens designed to maximize resistance to permanent deformation and reduce fatigue of asphalt mixtures that are used in the most demanding locations.

Bridge Design
Bridge construction requires a pavement with the ability to cope with the demands of heavy vehicles and varying weather conditions. Mastic asphalt in combination with polymer-modified bitumen is an excellent material to meet these demands.
Noise Reduction
Because the main source of noise pollution from roads is caused by tyre-road interaction, we have developed paving solutions to reduce noise emissions and minimise noise pollution.
Low Temperature Mixing
Lowering asphalt mixing temperatures can reduce plant and machinery costs while lowering emissions of CO2 dust and fumes.
Truck aslphalting a road

Recycling road pavements involves removing and re-using the surface course in a new asphalt mixture to repair or resurface an existing road, reducing the amount of new aggregate required.

Cost Reductions
Shell, as one of the largest hydrocarbon trading companies in the world, has the expertise to introduce pricing mechanisms to help customers to effectively manage their costs. In times of volatile energy prices, we strive to provide fixed price choices aligned to your commercial needs.