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Business Segments

We support our infrastructure customers throughout the world. Our effective paving solutions can help you keep communities on the move to improve trade and access to services, and to build safer and more attractive places to live.

Main Roads

Effective paving solutions help keep commercial vehicle and car drivers safe and on the road and withstand the demands of high volume inter-city road networks and highways

Urban Roads

Pavement solutions to withstand the needs of busy urban areas, as well as adding a splash of colour to neighbourhoods – bringing towns and cities to life

Rural Roads

Creating and maintaining an effective road network for rural areas, particularly in developing countries, is essential to support rural economies. The benefits are social as well as economic – giving communities access to health and educational facilities

Heavy Duty

Airports, ports and railways require paving solutions that can withstand extremely heavy loads and high pavement stress


Industrial applications for bitumen are extremely varied but the core applications include roofing, flooring and sealing