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About Shell Bitumen

Shell has been involved in bitumen manufacturing and marketing for more than 85 years, drawing on its global expertise to deliver, through Shell Bitumen, bitumen products and services to road and paving contractors.

About Shell Bitumen

About Shell Bitumen

Population growth and economic development is forecasted to double energy demand over the next 40 years.  More roads will be needed, cities will require further mobility and infrastructure budgets will remain constrained and prices will become increasingly volatile. 

Shell is one of the leaders in bitumen and asphalt technology research. Its global bitumen manufacturing and marketing business, Shell Bitumen, operates Bitumen Solution Centres in various locations around the world where its experts undertake cutting-edge research into bitumen and asphalt applications. It offers dedicated account management, seeking to provide cost-effective bitumen solutions to meet your business needs –be they industrial, professional, trade or domestic.

We began major bitumen production in the UK in 1920 with the opening of the Shell Haven refinery.  Today, we manufacture bitumen in refineries around the world and are one of the leaders in research into new bitumen and asphalt applications. 

Supply strength

With refineries, plants and depots around the world, we operate a reliable global and regional bitumen manufacturing and marketing network to supply high quality products consistently and high performance standards to help our customers complete projects on schedule.


researcher bitumen

Shell Bitumen’s strong track record in innovation has led to a number of cutting edge technological developments, including:

  • Technological breakthroughs such as Shell Bitufresh and Shell Thiopave
  • Van der Poel's Nomograph
  • The Bitumen Test Data Chart
  • The first Analytical Design method
  • Development of many of the world’s analytical test methods
  • The first Multigrade binder
  • The WAM Foam process
  • The Zero Shear Viscosity Concept

More recently, our research has been focused on meeting a number of topical challenges, such as:

  • Reducing emissions and the risks associated with the high temperatures at which asphalt is used, offering innovative products such as Shell Low Temperature Binders and Shell S Grade binders
  • Developing market led solutions to improve the rural and urban environments
  • Reducing environmental impact with Shell Mexphalte RM
  • Developing solutions to meet specific customer needs such as Shell Caritop for industrial markets.

Throughout these projects Shell Bitumen remains committed to the highest levels of product stewardship to ensure that the research delivered meets the highest possible standards.

Quality Standards

refinery at night

Shell Bitumen refineries have been through the ISO 9000 quality management system. The ISO 9000 family is primarily concerned with “quality management”.  This means that our bitumen manufacturing and supply organizations continually aim to fulfill:

  • Customers’ quality requirements
  • Applicable regulatory requirements
  • Enhance customer satisfaction

Working with our Customers

At Shell Bitumen, we work with our customers to develop solutions for their needs.  We have established Bitumen Solution Centres in various locations around the world staffed with specialist Bitumen technicians, who lead our research and development programs and often provide direct support to our customers in areas such as:

  • Technical Service – problem solving, investigations, sample testing
  • Product Development – developing and testing innovative products and solutions, carry our trials.
  • Product Stewardship – ongoing support and development for our products – technical and HSSE
  • General Technical Assistance – general advice and help

Discover More

Sustainable Development
At Shell Bitumen we aim to deliver pavement solutions designed to help reduce your business's impact on the environment and to help improve the quality of life for those living in both the developing and developed world.
case studies

Learn how Shell Bitumen products and services have delivered tangible benefits to our customers in five key segments across the world.

Bitumen business segments

Bitumen expertise, from large-scale industrial and highway applications to small-scale domestic requirements

Bitumen products portfolio

Shell Bitumen has developed a comprehensive specialist product portfolio designed to meet the needs of industrial, professional or domestic users.

Health & Safety
Shell Bitumen is wholly committed to the health and safety of drivers, customers and suppliers. Stringent policies and procedures ensure that safety is always at the top of the agenda