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Shell Bitumen

For more than 85 years Shell has been one of the leaders in bitumen products and services innovation and is focused on developing a world class portfolio of bitumen products and services designed to address your emerging needs.

News and Highlights

Shell publishes sixth edition of bitumen handbook

16 Feb 2015

Shell has once again demonstrated its commitment and leadership in bitumen technology by publishing a sixth edition of the Shell Bitumen Handbook. The handbook is considered by many in the industry as the definitive guide to asphalt paving technology. Today, it is used as a key reference by contractors and civil engineers around the world.

Shell Bitumen lays ground for growth in Indonesia

09 Feb 2015

In 2011, the Indonesian government set up its Master Plan for Acceleration and Expansion of Indonesia Economic Development (MP3EI) which included the establishment of reliable infrastructure to support the increased activity associated with the rapid urbanisation in Indonesia.

Six years on, Singapore’s signature Formula One™ street circuit continues to deliver

08 Sep 2014

When the agreement to host a Formula One (F1) race in Singapore was signed in 2007, questions arose on how the small city-state would pull off a night-time street circuit race in the heart of downtown Singapore. The challenges included making sure that the street circuit would be able to withstand the intense speed and pressure F1 cars running at over 300kmh generate on the track; as well as Singapore’s varied climate and temperature.

Shell paves the world's second busiest international airport

14 Jul 2014

In 2013, the International Air Transportation Association (IATA) reported that air passenger traffic surpassed 3.1 billion airline passengers, and is expecting more in 2014. With more flights and larger, more sophisticated aircraft like the Airbus A380, airport runways at major international hubs need to withstand an enormous amount of weight, friction and heat from these larger aircraft. The Airbus A380, for example, weighs almost 400 tonnes, the equivalent of approximately 400 family cars.

New storage terminals on the west coast of France

10 Oct 2013

Having successfully trialled transport solutions combining waterways, railways and roads, Shell Bitumen has launched two new storage terminals in Nantes and Bayonne on the West Coast of France, following the closure of the Petit Couronne and Berre refineries.

Getting Closer to your Business

16 Aug 2013

Shell Bitumen customers in the UK will soon benefit from local supplies of bitumen from Thames Oil Port. We have a long history of supplying bitumen in the UK and the latest chapter begins soon when UK customers can be impressed by the speed of our delivery to your door[1].

Pavement durability – Shell’s alternative options explored

28 Aug 2012

The life expectancy of highway pavements could be increased using binder technology that incorporates sulphur as well as bitumen, according to Shell tests.

In This Section

Shell has been involved in bitumen manufacturing and marketing for over 85 years, drawing on its global expertise to deliver to road and paving contractors.

Shell Bitumen aim to deliver pavement solutions to reduce impact on the environment and improve quality of life for the developing and developed nations.

We support infrastructure customers throughout the world. Our paving solutions help you keep communities moving to improve trade and access to services

Risk Management gives contractors the opportunity to benefit from a fixed price for their bitumen supplies for more than four months.

Shell Bitumen puts the health and safety of workers, suppliers and customers at the top of its agenda.

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