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With fuelling delays potentially costing airlines millions of dollars in penalties, the International Air Transport Association (IATA) is focusing its efforts on ensuring timely delivery - and one of the key determining factors is the prevention of supply disruptions.

Our commitment to reliable fuel supply

As one of the leading jet fuel suppliers in the world, Shell Aviation is committed to delivering seamless availability and assurance of smooth business operations, coupled with efficient fuelling services at any of our locations worldwide.

Reliable production of high quality fuels

Woman safety inspector at a refinery

Close collaboration with international bodies to manage global jet fuel standards.

You can be sure that every drop of Shell Aviation jet fuel delivered to your aircraft has been produced to meet the performance requirements you need.


Our Shell Aviation Fuel Quality Assurance System mandates that fuel quality needs to be checked at every stage of the supply chain to ensure conformity to the grade specified for the aircraft.

One of the world's most extensive fuelling networks

shell aviation fuelling network

Integrated global supply chain

Shell Aviation runs one of the most integrated global supply chains in the world.

Our fuelling network has allowed us to consistently meet or exceed market expectations in terms of reliability of service.

Fuel trading expertise to address evolving demands

shell aviation carbon trading experts

Experienced traders operating from global hubs

Operating from 10 global hubs, our global trading network supports customers with the ability to source as well as purchase fuel from the global open market.

This adds to our flexibility to manage market volatility and address any issues faced by our customers in a timely manner.

Aviation professionals committed to operational excellence

shell aviation operational excellence

Our highly trained people deliver safe and efficient fuelling services.

Reliability is also about the right personnel who stand ready to support our customers' business operations.

Our aviation professionals have the knowledge and operating experience to respond swiftly and effectively, to the supply situation, with reliable refuelling services in line with the International Civil Aviation Association (ICAO) industry codes of practice for quality control and safety.

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