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Are you concerned about


  • the potential impact of jet fuel price fluctuations on profits and cash flow?
  • protecting your business operations against future price risk exposure?


Solutions to address price volatility

A City financial trader on the telephone

Price risk management

Our price risk management tools include fixed-price contracts, fixed-price minimum/maximum contracts and financial derivatives such as swaps, capped swaps, extendables, collars and three-way collars that enable you to:

  • stablise your revenue stream by regularising cash flow against price fluctuations and securing your jet fuel supply at a more predictable price
  • deliver against fuel cost budget projections and manage borrowings with a stable income stream



Extensive fuelling network. Global trading expertise.

An aeroplane being refuelled

Shell Aviation has one of the world's most extensive fuelling networks.

We are committed to providing a competitively priced and reliable supply of quality fuel products.
Shell has one of the world's most extensive aviation fuelling network. This is supported by a strong supply chain based on Shell's own refineries. Combining this with Shell's considerable fuels trading expertise ensures security of supply for our customers.
Our experienced traders, operating from dedicated risk-marketing desks in Singapore, London and Houston, enable us to offer customised price risk management solutions.

Contact us to discuss how we can help you manage your costs in a volatile market.

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