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Shell Aviation fuels fall into two basic groups: aviation gasoline, for use in reciprocating or piston engines; aviation turbine fuels (jet fuels), for use in turbo-fan, turbo-jet and turbo-prop engines. There is a third group known as power boost fluids but these are low volume specialist fuels and are not covered in this section (for more details about power boost fluids such as Methmix, contact Shell Aviation via this web site). The various grades and specifications of aviation gasolines and jet fuels are described in the following sections.

All Shell aviation fuels are produced to stringent manufacturing specifications. At every stage between refinery and aircraft tank, fuel quality is checked by sampling and laboratory analysis, to ensure that the fuel conforms to the requirements specified for the grade when it is delivered to the aircraft. The Shell Aviation Quality Assurance System is organised on a world wide basis, made easier because Shell Aviation Service is provided directly in many countries of the world; a representation matched by no other supplier of aviation fuel.

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