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People, Prices, Places (PPP) is an online tool to find out information about places where we are operating from; about Shell staff, especially Sales and Operations; and about Posted Airfield Prices (PAP) of our products.


People, Prices, Places (PPP) is a versatile online tool that provides vital information such as refuelling locations, posted airfield prices (PAP), staff contact details, product and service lists and even the types of Shell Aviation cards that are accepted at a specific location.

The enhanced version of PPP offers much greater interactivity and enables you to: 

  • use an interactive, location map to find Shell refuelling locations in the region
  • view nearby locations
  • view posted airfield prices (PAP) with a time stamp
  • narrow your searches by fuel type
  • print, email and bookmark content.

The enhanced features of the relaunched PPP make it quicker and easier for you to find the information that you need.


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