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AeroShell Hydraulic Fluids

  • AeroShell Fluid 3 - a general purpose mineral lubricating oil recommended for general lubrication of aircraft parts that require a light oil with good low temperature characteristics and a low freezing point.

  • AeroShell Fluids 4 and 41 - mineral hydraulic fluids, the latter has superior cleanliness characteristics and is the more widely used grade.

  • AeroShell Fluid 71 - a preservative mineral hydraulic fluid for use in hydraulic systems and components that are in storage as well as hydraulic system rigs.

  • AeroShell Fluid 31 - a synthetic hydrocarbon fire resistant hydraulic fluid. This type is increasingly replacing mineral hydraulic fluids.

  • AeroShell Fluid 51 - a low temperature synthetic hydrocarbon fire resistant hydraulic fluid.

  • AeroShell Fluid 61 - a preservative synthetic hydrocarbon fire resistant hydraulic fluid.

  • AeroShell Shock Strut Fluid and Landing Gear Fluid are current technology hydraulic fluids for landing gear shock struts of some aircraft.

For some types of aircraft proprietary non-inflammable fluids (phosphate ester type) of non-petroleum origin are required. Shell companies may be able to supply Skydrol 500B-4 and LD-4 phosphate ester fluids against known demand.

AeroShell Preservatives

AeroShell preservatives are used for the preservation and protection of aircraft, aircraft engines and aircraft components. Two classes of corrosion preservatives are used on the aircraft, those for protecting engine interiors and those for exterior application.

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Other Fluids

There are other fluids in the AeroShell range, which are used for special applications on aircraft, aircraft engines, and auxiliary equipment. These fluids can be subdivided as follows:

  • lubricating oils
  • gearbox oils
  • calibrating fluids
  • de-icing fluids
  • avionic cooling fluids
  • fluids for cleaning, preserving and lubricating

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Health and Safety

For further guidance on Product Health & Safety refer to the appropriate Material Safety Data Sheet here.