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How soon can I polish my aircraft after painting?

Paint cures at different rates. A safe estimate to apply AeroShell® Flight Jacket™ Polish is 30 days after your plane has been painted.

Is AeroShell Flight Jacket safe to put on fabric planes?

Yes. Prior to applying, check fabric surface for any possible tears or weak spots. Be sure you do not exert excess pressure on fabric surface. We recommend testing product in a small, inconspicuous area. Note: Do not let product sit on fabric for an extended period of time, as it may stain.

Can I use household cleaners/detergents on my plane?

Many household products contain chemicals that may cause damage to aluminum, plastic, rubber or Plexiglas®. These items may not be repairable.

Can I use cotton diapers or clean T–Shirts on my windshield and painted surface?

These applicators can cause permanent damage (e.g., scratches) to the surface. We recommend you use clean, soft, absorbent applicators like AeroShell® Flight Jacket™ Anti-Static Pad and/or AeroShell® Flight Jacket™
Microfiber Cloth.

Can the cleaning process cause windshield damage?

Both the cleaning process and the choice of product can cause windshield damage. We recommend when applying AeroShell® Flight Jacket™ Plexicoat to clean the windshield, that you always apply with AeroShell Flight Jacket Anit-Static Pads or AeroShell Flight Jacket Microfiber Cloths in the direction of the airflow. 

How often should I apply AeroShell Flight Jacket Plexicoat to my windshield?

When used as a cleaner and protectant, product should be applied each time you fly or as dictated by soil and bug accumulation. At a minimum, we recommend you apply the product to the inside and outside of the glass approximately every three months.

What is the ideal environment to apply AeroShell® Flight Jacket™ products to my plane?

50°F to 80°F and out of direct sunlight is the ideal environment. If in direct sunlight, apply in smaller sections, one at a time.

Does my plane need to be polished/waxed?

Perhaps one of the greatest misconceptions is that aircraft surfaces do not need regular protection. Like any other painted surfaces, when exposed to the environmental elements (UV, acid rain, bugs, etc.), painted surfaces can become dull or oxidized without periodic polishing.

Can I use automotive products on my aircraft?

Products that are not designed for use on aircrafts may have negative and unintended side effects.

How long will a polishing last?

AeroShell® Flight Jacket™ Polish is NOT water soluble. Therefore, it will not breakdown from rain or wet washing. Longevity of the product is based on the number of flight hours, flying conditions, and whether the plane is hangared. Depending on these conditions, your protective barrier should last between 6 to 12 months.

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