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  1. Prior to beginning, “pre-clean” the aircraft by cleaning its leading edges, bug-littered surfaces (AeroShell® Flight Jacket™ Touch & Go), heavily oiled areas, and by degreasing the belly of the aircraft (AeroShell® Flight Jacket™ Oil & Exhaust Remover).
  2. Starting on the top section of the aircraft, divide the area to be cleaned into reachable sections. Ideal conditions for dry wash are in warm weather with no direct sunlight. Be sure these areas are small enough to allow the product to dry on the surface prior to removal.
  3. Apply AeroShell Flight Jacket Touch & Go to area to be cleaned.
  4. Using clean AeroShell® Flight Jacket™ Microfiber Cloths, wipe the surface free of soil and excess product until dry. If soil remains on the aircraft surface, repeat Steps 3-4. If the area is streaky, reduce the amount of product. If the cloth is soiled or wet, replace with a clean, dry cloth.
  5. Repeat steps until you get desired finish. Repeat steps on all areas of the aircraft, leaving the belly area for last. Heavily soiled areas (i.e., belly) should be treated with AeroShell Flight Jacket Oil & Exhaust Remover prior to dry wash. 

PLEASE NOTE: Aircraft windows should be left untouched. AeroShell Flight Jacket Plexicoat should be used on the interior and exterior aircraft windows, using clean AeroShell Flight Jacket Anti-Static Hand Pads or AeroShell Flight Jacket Microfiber Cloths.

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