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Each product is designed to address specific needs that aircraft owners have in taking care of their planes, such as helping to protect from ultraviolet rays and remove dust, oil stains and bugs without causing damage to the plane's surfaces.

AeroShell Flight Jacket Polish

Designed to help keep your plane looking new by protecting the plane's painted surfaces.

  • Protects paint in one step
  • Deep shines
  • UV Block
  • Cleans
  • Works on fresh paint and bright metal

AeroShell Flight Jacket Plexicoat

Helps extend the life of your windows and increases visibility. Protects from harmful UV yellowing and cleans away dirt, oil, and bug stains.

  • Prevents windshield from yellowing and clouding
  • Removes bug and oil stains
  • Eliminates light surface scratches

AeroShell Flight Jacket Oil & Exhaust Remover

Non-abrasive formula removes exhaust residue without removing AeroShell Flight Jacket Polish or damaging paint

  • Removes Carbon and soot
  • Non-corrosive to painted or unpainted surfaces
  • Won't strip AeroShell Flight Jacket Polish

AeroShell Flight Jacket Touch & Go

Provides a quick and easy way to spot shine and protect paint and Plexiglas® surfaces between regular cleanings.

  • Removes bugs and dirt
  • Won't strip AeroShell Flight Jacket Polish
  • Anti-Static Formula

AeroShell Flight Jacket Interior Cleaner

Designed to free leather of ground-in dirt and debris. May also be used on other interior surfaces including vinyl, plastic, and rubber.

  • Cleans and protects surface
  • Guards against surface abrasion and cracking

AeroShell Flight Jacket Interior Conditioner

Moisturizes and helps protect leather and vinyl from wear and tear, and damaging UV rays.

  • Moisturizes and extends life of leather and vinyl
  • Prevents cracking
  • No oily residue

AeroShell Flight Jacket Microfiber Cloth

Provides best results when used on aircraft windows, instrumentation gauges, screens, and for applying and removing AeroShell Flight Jacket product on aircraft surfaces.

AeroShell Flight Jacket Anti-Static Hand Pad

Safer application and removal of all AeroShell Flight Jacket products. Removes lint and dust, and helps eliminate static build-up.