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Why is the packaging changing?


We want to make your life easier.

New products with new label designs have joined our portfolio over the years. Thus, we have taken the opportunity to present a more consistent look, with easier to use labels, designed to help you select the right products.

We also want to continue to offer great customer value. To do this, we need to withdraw obsolete and very-low-demand products while still maintaining a comprehensive range.

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Same great products in new-look packs

We have not changed any product formulations and product names. The bottles and labels may be new, but the inside is the same tried-and-tested AeroShell oils that customers know and trust. It is the same great products, in new-look packs.


Customer Driven Change:

Customers are at the heart of all that we do. That is why we took our new designs to our key customers worldwide and sought valuable feedback. Their positive response has fuelled our passion for implementing this project.

Amjad Shahabuddin, Marketing Manager, Aviation Lubricants.
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When is this happening?


We are staggering the transition to help make it easier for AeroShell distributors and customers.

  • Our piston engine oils will be changing first;

The PEO packs will first be available in the USA.Customers in the rest of the regions should expect to see them in the market over the coming months.

  • Followed by turbine engine oils, greases and fluids.

We will phase in the new packaging as supplies of the old bottles run out - so you may continue to see the old packaging for a while.

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What is changing?

  1. Pack and label designs

    To help you identify AeroShell products at a glance,

    -    All our packs will be in vivid Shell red.

    -    The product names are clearly displayed.

    -    All our packs will have a new look, using a bold circular design, from the letter “o” in Aeroshell. The detail inside the circle changes with product family, for example, there are fan blades inside the TEO circle.

    -    Each family has a colour to help customers easily identify AeroShell PEOs, TEOs, greases and fluids respectively.

  2. Product withdrawals

    To keep our offer to you competitive, we will withdraw a few obsolete and very-low-demand products. We are withdrawing two products from our piston engine range.

    -    if you currently use AeroShell Oil W 65, you can switch to AeroShell Oil W 80 or trade up to AeroShell Oil W 15W-50 depending on your performance requirements and ambient start-up temperatures

    -    if you currently use AeroShell Oil Sport Plus 2, you can use Pennzoil 2-Cycle Oil (US) or Shell Advance VSX 2 (outside the US).

  3. Pack sizes

We are also standardising the range of packaging sizes we offer.

Video: The new look piston engine oil portfolio is here!

Coming soon... new packaging across the AeroShell portfolio.

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What is not changing?


We are not changing the formula or the names of any of our products. It is the same great products, in new-look packs.

aeroshell aviation lubricants new packaging

Same great products, new packaging