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High Performance Turbine Engine Oil

AeroShell Turbine Engine Oils (ASTO) can help to deliver the protection you need at a total cost-of-ownership that makes the case for changing to Shell.

Best-selling Piston Engine Oils

A comprehensive range of best-selling piston engine oils that are specially formulated to look after your engine the way you look after your aircraft.

First-fill AeroShell Greases

Specially formulated to excel in wide-ranging applications. Our multi-purpose greases can help to reduce costs and improve maintenance efficiency.

High Quality Hydraulic Fluids and Preservatives

Aeroshell fluids help give you the reliability and performance in your hydraulic systems or landing gear shock structs while AeroShell preservatives help get you back in the air without costly remedial maintenance.

AeroShell Products Packaging

Find the right product packaging for you.


For Business Jets and Turboprops

Premium Protection. Keeping your aircraft in first-class condition is important to you. Know the right oil, grease or fluid for your needs.

For Helicopters

Simplicity and Safety. Simplify your inventory and reduce the risk of incorrect product application. Find out how.

For Large Jets

Turbine engine oil changeover - Simple and safe, and can cut costs. Find out more.

For Piston Engine Aircraft

Trusted for generations. The engine and oil technology have changed, but our commitment to pilots remains the same, which is why you can trust AeroShell.

For Industrial Gas Turbines

Oils for use in industrial and marine derivatives of aero-engines.

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