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The New-Look AeroShell Portfolio

AeroShell aviation lubricants have been trusted for generations. This trust is founded on the reliability and proven performance of our high quality products and an appreciation of our deep industry understanding.


Whether you need dedicated helicopter grease, innovative aircraft oil for the latest hot-running gas-turbine engines, breaking-in oil for your overhauled piston engine or products designed for your ultralight sports aircraft, there is an AeroShell product for you.


High Performance AeroShell Turbine Oil (ASTO)

A portfolio of mineral and synthetic turbine engine oils, which are in service with most major airline operators worldwide, and are known for quality and product performance.

Best Selling Piston Engine Oils

From semi-synthetic, multigrade, ashless dispersant oils to straight mineral oils, we have a comprehensive range of high-quality products to protect your piston engine.

First-fill Greases

Airframe and wheel-bearing greases that set the standards.

High Quality Hydraulic Fluids and Preservatives

Hydraulic fluids and preservatives, including products for calibration and avionics cooling.

AeroShell Technical Talk

For full AeroShell product specifications, download the latest AeroShell Book as PDF files or an e-book for your mobile device.

Find an AeroShell Distributor

Use our interactive map to find an AeroShell distributor near you.

What our customers say

Find out about our customers’ experiences with AeroShell products.

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Get material safety data sheets and technical specifications


Technology Centre

The science behind our lubricants

Collaboration and Partnerships

Whether we are performing flight evaluations with airlines or supplying fuel through marketing joint ventures, we embrace partnerships. No single company has all the answers, which is why we work closely with customers, joint-venture partners, airframe and engine manufacturers, regulators and facility operators and seek benefits for all parties.