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Meeting growing demand for cleaner, lower-CO2 transport fuels will need a range of approaches, including vehicles powered by biofuels, electricity, compressed natural gas and hydrogen fuel cells.

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Every day at over 800 airports in more than 40 countries, Shell Aviation provides fuel for almost 7,000 aircrafts, refueling a plane every 12 seconds.

Offers transport, heating & industrial fuels to corporate & distributing companies in many industries including road transport, mining & power.

Shell chemicals makes and supplies a range of petrochemicals that used to make many different everyday materials and end products.

Building strong relationships with our contractors and suppliers is essential to delivering new projects and running our operations.

Shell guarantees a very high supply chain security for European Liquefied Petroleum Gas customers.

Shell Sulphur Solutions is establishing sulphur as a positive asset by taking sulphur out where it does not add value, and adding it to where it does.

Shell Trading supports Shell businesses by trading natural gas, electrical power, crude oil, refined products, chemical feedstocks & environmental products.

From exploring and producing oil and gas to the development of new energy sources  - discover how our businesses are helping to meet the energy needs of society, in ways that are economically, socially and environmentally viable.