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When your business depends on lowering costs and increasing efficiency you need an engine oil you can rely on.

Shell Rimula R5 E is an engine oil that uses synthetic technology with an advanced additive system to help protect your engine and make your journeys more efficient. Shell Rimula R5 E can even help you cut fuel costs by up to 1%.* Over time, these savings can make a big difference.

Read more about the benefits Rimula R5 E offers you and your business.


Up to 1%* fuel savings.

Shell Rimula R5 E can make a positive contribution to lowering fuel consumption and, accordingly, the costs of your business overall. In laboratory tests, Shell Rimula R5 E has been proven to improve fuel economy by up to 1%.*


Improved low temperature lubrication.**

You can rely on Shell Rimula R5 E to help your engine start in temperatures where conventional oils may fail to pump. By reaching the critical parts of your engine by up to 48% faster, Shell Rimula R5 E provides extra protection in mild freezing conditions.


Enhanced resistance to breakdown.***

Good engine durability is essential to minimise unplanned downtime and maximise engine life. Shell Rimula resists thermal and oxidative breakdown for up to 30% longer than the average of several competitors’ CI-4 oils to help ensure consistent protection and longer oil life.


*Based on fuel consumption measurements under urban driving conditions in a MAN Euro IV engine relative to SAE 15W-40 oil.

**Tests carried out by an independent laboratory. Pumping times measured in a US 2002 emission compliant heavy-duty diesel engine fitted with pressure sensors in the oil galleries.

***Competitor oils sampled from markets in Latin America, Asia and Europe.

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