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HGV Road User Levy starts 1 April 2014

The UK will introduce a time-based levy for all foreign HGVs above 12 tonnes on 1st April 2014. Shell is one of the fuel card companies, accepted for the settlement of the levy.

The HGV Road User Levy is a charge on foreign HGVs to use UK roads. Anyone who drives or operates a heavy goods vehicle (HGV) weighing 12 tonnes or more will need to pay the levy – before the vehicle enters the country. The levy applies from 1 April 2014, and the daily charge for a vehicle is between £1.70 and £10 (between £85 and £1,000 per year), depending on the type of vehicle, number of axles, and weight.

You can pay the levy by the day – or save money by paying in advance by the week, month or year. Whatever payment period you choose, the levy runs from midnight (00:00:00) to one second before midnight (23:59:59).

The euroShell Card can be used for payment of the levy online via the web page https://www.gov.uk/hgv-levy where you can both register and arrange the payment.

You can also make payment, without registering, but in this case you can only pay the levy for a daily or weekly period. The payment of monthly or annual levy requires prior company registration. There will be a small number of HGV Levy payment points in some ferry terminals and a few fuel stations, where customers can ‘Pay and Go’. At these points drivers will be able to pay the levy online.

For the most recent list of such points, check the web page of the Levy Operator below.

Payment of the Levy will be recorded in a database using the vehicle registration as the unique identifier. A public web based database will be available to allow anyone to check the levy status of an HGV by entering its registration number. Failure to pay the levy will be a criminal offence,  and you will be charged with a fixed penalty fine of £300, taken at the roadside.

The levy does not include VAT. Customers receive a separate statement for levy transactions.

For more information please visit the web page of Northgate, the operator of the UK HGV Road User Levy system: http://www.northgate-ispublicservices.com/uk-hgv-levy.aspx

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