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Can Telematics Systems Generate Fuel Savings?

Shell FuelSave Partner trial indicates potential €190,000 annual fuel cost saving
Shell FuelSave Partner – customer trial. Each year Spedition Gschwander will potentially save190,000 euros in fuel costs, 526 tonnes in C02 emissions , 5% annual fuel consumption per vehicle

Spedition Gschwander, a German courier and delivery firm, conducted a four month trial of Shell FuelSave Partner, Shell’s advanced fuel management system, in a sample fleet of 10 vehicles to establish the level of fuel and fuel-related CO2 emission savings the system could potentially generate for its 100 vehicle-fleet. The results revealed an average fuel consumption saving per vehicle of 5% (and approximately 10% for some vehicles).

Based on the findings, the company estimates the solution could potentially save it up to €190,000 (approximately £150,000) in fuel costs per year, excluding savings in maintenance costs. In addition, Spedition Gschwander calculated that using the Shell FuelSave Partner programme could help it reduce its fleet CO2 emissions by 526 tonnes per year.

The Fuel Management Solution

Shell FuelSave Partner is a unique fuel management solution, which is currently available in 12 countries and serves more than 200 customers in Europe. At its heart is an intelligent truck-mounted unit with cutting-edge analytics that feeds a continuous stream of information from the vehicle via a Global Positioning System (GPS) and telemetry, to the Shell FuelSave Partner core system. Driving, engine and fuelling data is analysed and converted into management information reports that are directly accessible to fleet and transport managers via a web portal. The reports can then be used to highlight operational improvements and measures.

The Trial

From the start of the trial, with the help of the online reports, Spedition Gschwander informed its drivers of their driving behaviour and fuel consumption results on a weekly basis and coached them individually on the areas with the most potential for improvement. Driver behaviour was made transparent to different drivers when they used the same vehicle to demonstrate differences in driving styles and their subsequent impact on fuel usage. Variances in driving behaviour were particularly noticeable in the areas of braking behaviour, use of cruise control, harsh acceleration and aggressive driving while the engine was still cold.

The Outcome

Andreas August Gschwander, Managing Director, August Gschwander Transport GmbH, said: “Shell FuelSave Partner delivers the information we need to train and coach our drivers in a focused way. Obviously, this can take a little time, but with fuel savings of approximately 10 per cent with certain vehicles, installing Shell FuelSave Partner has been a worthwhile exercise.

The test with 10 of our vehicles shows the significant potential of this system with our 100 vehicle-fleet. We think that for our full fleet Shell FuelSave Partner could help us to save up to €190,000 of fuel costs every year and we would also expect savings in maintenance cost due to changed driving behaviour.”

The Benefit

Shell FuelSave Partner

Peter Adams, Programme Manager, Smart Transport at Shell Global Solutions added: “We have seen many of our customers reap significant economic benefits from using Shell FuelSave Partner, especially when combined with either Shell FuelSave Unleaded or Shell FuelSave Diesel, our most advanced fuel economy fuels ever. Given the growing importance of companies to report their sustainability performance annually or as part of the procurement process, using Shell FuelSave Partner is an effective way for businesses to help lower their fleet CO2 emissions and improve their competitiveness.”

The despatch department at Spedition Gschwander also used Shell FuelSave Partner to track its vehicles on the road online, in real time, in order to inform its customers about expected delivery times. Gschwander added: “With the additional benefit of track-and-trace, we have also been able to further improve our level of service to our own customers.”

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