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Does fuel matter?

Regesta S.A. vehicle test indicates annual saving of 48,000 litres.
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Regesta S.A., one of Poland’s largest commercial transport companies, has conducted1 a fuel comparison exercise between Shell FuelSave Diesel and the fuel from its previous supplier in 25 of its heavy goods vehicles to ascertain if it could identify any differences in fuel consumption. The results indicated the company could save over 48,000 litres of fuel every year if it used Shell FuelSave Diesel across the company’s entire 200 vehicle fleet.

Mr Kwiecien said: “There were three main reasons why we switched to Shell: the high quality of Shell FuelSave Diesel and the additional savings it offered; the competitive price; and the convenient locations of Shell filling stations2.”

The Exercise

The exercise was conducted by Regesta S.A. using vehicles travelling similar routes. Each truck’s fuel consumption was monitored using the company’s own telematics system both before and after switching to Shell FuelSave Diesel, with time built in to allow the fuel change to properly take effect.

Mr Kwiecien added: “On average, the 25 vehicles used more than 1% less diesel over the same distance when using Shell FuelSave Diesel compared with diesel from our previous supplier2. Our drivers also experienced shorter refuelling times, thanks to less foaming.”

For Regesta S.A., with a monthly diesel consumption of around 350,000 litres, the potential impact of this saving when extended across its 200 vehicle fleet could considerably reduce its fuel costs.

Philip Williams, Head of Shell Commercial Fleet UK, said: “When heavy duty engines get older, carbon deposits in the engine can lead to increased fuel consumption. The advanced additive formulation in Shell FuelSave Diesel contains a powerful detergent designed to prevent these deposits building up. This can help improve fuel economy over the lifetime of the vehicle – at no extra cost.”

Fuel Savings of up to 3%

Shell’s internal tests with Shell FuelSave Diesel in heavy-duty engines used in road transport vehicles have shown fuel savings of up to 3% compared to regular diesel without fuel economy formula3. Aside from generating fuel savings, Shell FuelSave Diesel is also formulated to keep vehicles performing as the manufacturer intended, reduce fall-off in engine performance, prevent fuel system corrosion, and reduce foaming when refuelling.

The Shell Fuel Management Solution

Shell FuelSave Diesel is just one part of Shell’s integrated fuel management solution, which is designed to help road transport fleet operators save time and money by reducing administration, fuel consumption and vehicle maintenance, while providing protection against fraudulent activities.

Other components include the euroShell fuel card, which offers a secure and efficient way to buy fuel, and Shell FuelSave Partner, a telematics system.

The latter allows road transport fleet operators to track vehicles’ fuel consumption and driver performance and, subsequently, identify areas for operational improvements that can generate fuel savings of up to 10% and reduce fuel-related CO2 emissions.

Mr Kwiecien concluded: “We’re grateful to Shell for the benefits we’ve seen when trying Shell FuelSave Diesel and for the close cooperation we’ve experienced between our two companies. So much so, that we’ve expanded our business with them2.”

1 The test was conducted between October and November 2011.

2 The above views are those of a Shell customer who has used Shell FuelSave Diesel and may have been edited for brevity or clarity. The customer was not paid for his testimonial. Results were self-reported by the customer using its own telematics equipment and have not been verified by Shell. Results are not indicative of future performance; individual savings may vary.

3 Through monitoring, analysis and coaching on driver behaviour.

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