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Regesta S.A. believes

using Shell FuelSave Diesel is helping them save money in Poland

Shell FuelSave Partner

has helped Spedition Gschwander save up to 10% of fuel

Shell helps Daimler

set new standard in fuel efficiency!

Cross cars gets to go

further with Shell FuelSave Diesel in the UK

See what other international customers say about Shell’s commercial fleet services.

Cross Cars goes further with Shell FuelSave Diesel

“Shell FuelSave Diesel is an easy choice.”

Spedition Gschwander saves with Shell FuelSave Partner

Ten-vehicle test shows significant potential of Shell FuelSave Partner with a 100-vehicle fleet

Zeppelin Austria saves 8.8% fuel with new Shell Diesel

High performance of new Shell Diesel* In Caterpillar’s construction machines.

Shell FuelSave Partner helps RCS save 7% on fuel

RCS Logistics credits Shell FuelSave Partner as a key component in becoming a more fuel efficient business

5% fuel savings for Adams Transporte

High marks in practical application for Shell FuelSave Diesel.

Emons Group save 5.3% on fuel consumption

Successful pilot helps improve operational efficiency, and reduce environmental impact of the Emons Group’s operations.

Shell helps Daimler set new fuel efficiency standard!

With the help of Shell FuelSave Diesel and lubricant Shell Rimula R6 LME, Daimler’s Record Run 2011 set a new standard in truck fuel efficiency.

Europapier’s fuel consumption cut by 5.2%!

Field trial results in lower fuel consumption, faster refuelling and cleaner injectors for Europapier.

Regesta SA saves with Shell FuelSave Diesel in Poland

“With Shell we feel that we’re working with a company that knows our needs”

Willy Hummert saves 2.7% with Shell FuelSave Diesel

Fuel saving, faster refuelling and clean fuel injection systems are just some of the benefits Willy Hummert GmbH & Co. KG experienced with Shell FuelSave Diesel.

Shell fuel provides significant gains for Sri Maju

Lower maintenance costs and faster refuelling time for the Malaysian bus company

KTB appreciate the benefits of Shell Diesel additives

Faster Refuelling Time and Greater Reduction In Black Smoke for the Malaysian bus brands.

Reduced maintenance, fuel consumption for Lee Ting San

Shell Diesel with Fuel Economy Formula reduces fuel consumption by 3%

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