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Shell Card Online

Shell Card Online gives your business access to all the administration information you need at any time. It provides transparency across all fuel costs and increases your protection against fraudulent use of the card.

Shell Card Online helps simplify administration:

  • 24/7 online access
  • Insightful and clear management reports
  • Highly efficient e-Invoicing
  • Quick and easy card ordering and instant card blocking
  • Set card restrictions by driver, group or vehicle
  • Protection with individual PIN codes
  • Set up email alerts to warn of unusual transaction activities
Effective fuel cost management

Shell FuelSave Partner

Our on-board fuel management solution helps fleets reduce fuel consumption by up to 10%*. It provides detailed analysis that enables improved driving techniques and also links fuel consumption to fuel purchase transactions so helping to prevent fraudulent activities.

*Shell FuelSave Partner is designed to help you save up to 10% in fuel consumption through monitoring, analysis and coaching driver behaviour.

Learn more about Shell FuelSave Partner

Real Time Detection fights fraud

We’ve developed a new approach to countering fraud against fleet cards. One that’s automated, dynamic and above all, real time. Giving your business exceptional protection, Real Time Detection means more timely fraud alerts, more flexible reporting and improved accuracy in detecting fraudulent transactions. 

VAT Reclaim

With Shell Fuel Card it’s much simpler to reclaim VAT costs, even in countries with different VAT percentages. So you save time, admin costs and improve cash flow.