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Last year was a tough one for many of our customers and we know that keeping tight controls on fuel costs continues to be key in 2014. From our perspective that means helping our customers with tools for improving their fuel management and giving them the best convenience, control, security and savings to help them reduce their fuel spend. 

Britt Burnett

We started the year with a big bang with the first edition of the Shell Eco-marathon 2014 in Manila. Shell Eco-marathon takes place around the world, inviting student teams to find innovative solutions to improve fuel efficiency – a challenge also shared by our customers in the road transport sector. In Manila, 207 teams representing 24 countries – a total of 3,000 students –competed on the street circuit at Luneta Park striving for record-breaking fuel efficiency. It also coincided with the 100th year anniversary of Shell Philippines.

Away from the racetrack, we have upgraded our fraud detection system. We are now using similar system as many of the banks, and to my knowledge that’s unique for a fuel card supplier. This enables us to detect fraud in real time. Last year we saved our customers more than $4 million in fraud prevention.

Shell has also expanded its Shell FuelSave Partner proposition and made improvements to Shell Card Online, adding additional control and security features. Read our news section for more details.

We regularly survey our customers in order to understand your needs and what matters to you most. Real time detection, Shell FuelSave Partner improvements and Shell Card Online improvements are all in response to your feedback. One area where you continuously tell us you are very satisfied and where we outperform our competitors is when it comes to our quality fuel, and the extra savings you see from that. Thank you – that fills us with pride.

Britt Burnett

Global Marketing & Product Manager

Commercial Fleet

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