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Shell Card Online overhaul

Shell Card Online (SCOL), the online platform for all Shell Commercial Fleet customers will undergo an overhaul this year, improving both looks and functionality.

The improved SCOL platform will feature updates that drive optimum value for operators of large transportation fleets by introducing greater functionality. The update is extended to the look of the site too, which will include a new simple and intuitive design for all customers.

Feedback from users revealed several key needs such as having greater control over fuel card usage, easier card ordering and greater flexibility in reporting. In response, the new system will include three core new updates.

The first will allow customers to personalise the account usage reports they run in the Shell Card Online. “The data is already available in the system,” said Agnieszka Kaczer, Global Shell Card Online Product Manager. “But this will be an easier way for large customers to get the information they need/look for.” Overall, it will make the monitoring process more selective and intuitive. “Customers can use the report builder to create a report that addresses the answers to their specific questions.”

Simplicity and time-saving are themes that run through each new feature. For monitoring and policing purposes, customers will have a simpler method of setting usage limits. “We are keeping this great functionality,” said Agnieszka. “But the way that customers will be setting these up, with an advanced controls manager, makes it much quicker. It simplifies the process.”

Not only will it be a useful time-saving tool, she says, but it will also give customers peace of mind. “Customers need to have tools to control and to make sure that their fuel cards are secure, that they are in full control of their fuel spend and to prevent fraud.”

The third major update will make it easier for the customers to order cards in bulk. Customers will be able to order up to 20 cards at once, using an easier-to-use interface, as well as preselecting delivery addresses and PIN numbers upfront. “For customers with larger fleets and several sub-offices with drivers located across countries, this will be major time-saving tool,” Agnieszka said.

Along with the a new user-friendly look and design the new SCOL system – set to go live later this year – will be a further step towards making and maintaining smooth service for Shell Commercial Fleet customers.

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