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Every year, 1.3 million people are killed and up to 50 million injured in road traffic accidents worldwide. More than 90% of these casualties occur in low and middle-income countries.

We are working in partnerships to help address this.

Our own policy

HSSE road safety programmes

Shell staff and contractors drive around 1.1 billion kilometres each year to deliver products to our customers or to keep our operations running. That’s equivalent to driving about 75 times around the world each day.

So getting road safety right is a priority – and a serious challenge. We help keep our drivers safe through training programmes, by limiting their journeys, and by enforcing our global road safety standards. We work with communities and global partners to improve road safety in the countries where we operate.

Information for your drivers

We can also play a major part in keeping your drivers and fleet managers up to date with the latest specific knowledge on safe driving, from Driver Fatigue Awareness and Vehicle Emergency Kits to Driving At Night and Journey Management Planning.

Learn about our major global road safety programmes

A global drive for safer roads

Simple safety steps save lives