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Keeping drivers safe, secure and in good health on the road is not only vital to your business but also one of our greatest concerns, too.

HSSE articles

Top three Driving Tips to get you to your destination safely!

01 Aug 2014

Most road accidents can be avoided. Human error means that our roads can never be 100% safe, but, by following three simple rules you stand a much better chance of reaching your destination safely.

Advanced driving skills help save lives on the road

01 Jul 2014

As a professional driver, you will no doubt always endeavour to drive to the best of your ability. However it is also your responsibility to put your advanced driving skills to good use by anticipating the behaviour of other, less skilled, road users. You have the enhanced ability to anticipate and avoid incidents.

Emergency kit for your vehicle – the must-have items

01 Jun 2014

It’s impossible to predict when an incident will occur and regrettably it is not possible to eliminate all risk of it ever happening. With this in mind, we share with you some ideas on what you can do to be prepared in the event of a road traffic emergency.

Journey Management Planning

01 May 2014

For every journey one should ask if the journey is actually necessary; the safest journey is the one not taken. If the journey is necessary it is advised to consider other, safer, transportation options than car travel. This may include train or bus transport.

Prevention is better than cure – a simple daily vehicle check can save lives

01 Apr 2014

Driving can be a dangerous activity. Road traffic accidents account for a staggering 1.24 million deaths per year globally. Aside from poor driving skills and road conditions, mechanical failure, poor vehicle maintenance and tyre failure/condition is a major contributing factor.

Arrive alive - don't drive when tired!

01 Mar 2014

Driver fatigue can be a major factor in road traffic incidents, resulting in an estimated 20% of all road fatalities. Here we share our tips on preventing fatigue from ending your drive prematurely.

Road Safety

01 Feb 2014

Every year, 1.3 million people are killed and up to 50 million injured in road traffic accidents worldwide. More than 90% of these casualties occur in low and middle-income countries. We are working in partnerships to help address this.