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However large or small your fleet might be, and whether you operate locally or across borders, join millions of customers worldwide who already take advantage of more than 50 years of Shell Fuel Card expertise.

Find your Shell Fuel Card

Whatever the size or make up of your fleet, we have the card for you. With cards tailored for local, national or international coverage, choosing the right card and applying online is easy.

Network and Fuels

With one of the most comprehensive and convenient service station networks in the world, your drivers will never be far from us. From diesel for trucks to cutting-edge fuels, discover how we're helping you keep your fleet running smoothly.

Fleet Management

Our range of fleet management services can help reduce administration costs and save your business time and money. Monitor your fleet’s fuel card usage online, get detailed vehicle performance data with Shell FuelSave Partner, and use your card to pay for road tolls and other services.

Shell Fuel Card for Global Businesses

Get control, convenience, security and savings in over 28 countries with a single card payment system for fuel and services on the road.

Health, Security, Safety and the Environment

Keeping drivers safe, secure and in good health on the road is not only vital to your business but also one of our greatest concerns too.

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Tell us about your business and we will help find your perfect card
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