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We provide transport fuel to around 10 million customers each day through our 44,000 service stations worldwide. We are working to deliver cleaner burning and more efficient fuels. Our products and services are also designed to meet the needs of businesses - from the construction industry to aviation, chemicals to shipping.

On the road

Card services

Our cards offer customers rewards on Shell purchases and provide an efficient, secure way to buy fuel and other goods.


Shell’s differentiated fuels have been launched in more than 40 countries to meet the individual needs of its customers.


Discover how Shell rewards its customers around the world.

Oils and Lubricants

Shell provides you with a full range of cars, bikes and heavy-duty truck oils.

Shell Station locator

Use our station locators to find Shell stations around the world. You can even search for particular products and services such as a car wash, ATM, Select stores or fuels.

Shell Motorist app

Download the new Shell Motorist app to help make driving easier and to find out more about our products.

Shell Motorsport

Shell Motorsport

Everything you need to know about our technical partnership with Ferrari.

Solutions for businesses

Shell Aviation

Supplying products and related services to the aviation industry in more than 90 countries.

Shell Bitumen

Shell Bitumen provides sustainable and cost-effective bitumen solutions for professional, trade and home-based needs.

Shell Chemicals

From makers of detergents to packaging, from carpets to computers, many of the world’s leading companies depend on Shell Chemicals to deliver essential materials to support a modern world.

Shell Commercial Fuels

Supplying transport, heating and industrial fuels to corporate and distributing companies in many industries across the world, including road transport, mining, construction, power and agriculture.

Shell Global Solutions

Shell Global Solutions provides cutting-edge consultancy and technology services to petrochemical and processing industries.

Shell Liquified Petroleum Gas (LPG)

LPG is a valuable energy source that is used worldwide for numerous business applications in industry and transportation.

Shell Lubricants for businesses

We provide expert advice and support through our lubricant-related services to help you improve your business performance.

Shell for suppliers

We select suppliers for their expertise in a range of areas and build strong relationships, helping us to gain competitive advantage.

Shell Marine Products

Shell Marine Products is a global sales and marketing business supplying lubricants and technical support services to the marine industry.

Shell Sulphur Solutions

Shell Sulphur Solutions is establishing sulphur as a positive asset contributing to a better world, by taking sulphur out where it does not add value, and adding it to where it does.

Shell Trading and Shipping

Shell Trading companies are trading crude oil and handle the bulk sale and purchase of many other products such as natural gas, liquefied petroleum gas, jet fuel, different types of chemical feedstock, gasoline, electricity and biofuels.