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We offer a number of courses designed to help drivers lower their fuel consumption. The Shell FuelSave Challenge, for example, offers fuel-saving tips such as maintaining a steady speed, carrying less luggage, and regularly checking tyre pressures. More than 200,000 drivers have completed the training in the last five years, which could help them travel further on every tank.

In 2012, we launched the Shell FuelSave Target One Million campaign to help a million people around the world learn how to save fuel. Our series of online games shows motorists how the right fuel and a few simple changes to driving habits can help them save fuel, cutting their fuel costs.

For truck fleets, Shell FuelSave Partner offers similar fuel-saving training for drivers, as well as tools to help monitor fuel use and reduce costs.

Keeping drivers safe

Our staff and contractors drive a distance equivalent to 100 times around the world every day. We implement strict safety standards and driver training programmes designed to keep them safe, and we continue to make progress towards our goal of zero injuries and fatalities.

We also take part in global road safety programmes to help customers stay safe, including the Global Road Safety Partnership (GRSP). The GRSP has established the Global Road Safety Initiative, which aims to improve road safety in targeted developing countries. One example of its success was the introduction of a law to make motorcyclists in Vietnam wear helmets.