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"More energy, less carbon dioxide." It's humanity's biggest challenge today. What are the hard truths? What are the right choices? When do we need to make them? What happens if we don't?

The Energy Challenge. More Energy, Less Carbon. There are no easy solutions.

Three hard truths:

 1. Surging energy demand
 2. Supplies will struggle to keep up
 3. Stresses on our environment are increasing

Two possible ways forward:

‘Scramble’ and ‘Blueprints’ project two possible future scenarios. Neither is ideal, though some outcomes will clearly be better than others. While technology will provide some answers, political and social choices will be critical.


A more reactive approach, first focusing on increasing energy supply and then facing the consequences later.


In this scenario, the difficult decisions are taken sooner rather than later, leading to revolutionary changes and a better balance of economic and environmental needs.

At Shell we believe the environmental, humanitarian and economic outcomes seen in Blueprints make it a better, more sustainable world than Scramble. We're working towards that world.

Find out more about the Shell Energy Scenarios.

Scramble and Blueprints timeline

The timeline demonstrates why we, at Shell, prefer the Blueprints way ahead and are working to make it happen. 

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