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lng for shipping

LNG is already being used as a fuel for vessels on inland waterways, such as ferries in Norway, and has the potential to be used more widely: by cruisers, ferries, barges and tug boats.

In Europe and North America new environmental regulations require shipping operators to reduce local emissions. LNG fuel, which is virtually free of sulphur and particulates, will help them meet these requirements.

We bought Gasnor, a leading LNG fuel company in Norway that supplies industrial and marine operators, as we work to deliver LNG to more customers. We have chartered the first inland barges to run purely on LNG, which sail on the Rhine.

The Green Rhine sailed from Rotterdam, the Netherlands, in September 2013. It joins its sister ship, the Greenstream, in delivering liquid fuels along the Rhine river.

Designed and built by engineers at the Peters shipyard, the Netherlands, the barges are the first to be 100% powered by LNG.

Spark-ignition LNG engines can help to reduce noise by up to 50% compared to conventional heavy-duty diesel engines.

Reduced engine noise can improve the well-being of the captain, as well as limiting disturbance to people living close to the river. LNG engines emit fewer local emissions than diesel engines, with the potential to benefit the local environment.

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