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If the markets we need to deliver to are far from the gas resources, we convert the gas to LNG and transport it by sea. We were a partner in the first-ever purpose-built LNG carrier and have been delivering LNG safely for nearly half a century.

Today Shell is among the world’s largest LNG shipping operators. We manage and operate over 40 of the world’s 380 or more LNG carriers and our managed fleets are based in Australia, Qatar, Nigeria and Brunei.

Safety and expertise

Safety underpins our shipping operations. Our safety performance is consistently among the best in the industry.

LNG ship

We also make sure that the ships we manage are safely decommissioned. All the LNG carriers we manage hold a Lloyd’s Register Green Passports, a document that contains an inventory of all the materials onboard a ship that require careful handling or special awareness. At the end of the ship’s life, it helps the ship-recycling yard to formulate a safe and environmentally friendly way of decommissioning the vessel.

We transfer our extensive LNG shipping experience to partners – for example in Brunei and Nigeria – and we train seafarers all over the world. We also offer support in contract negotiations, international financing and a full shipping operation and management service for LNG transportation.

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Worker on an LNG Ship
Safety is always our first priority. We aim to have zero fatalities, to prevent accidents that put our people, neighbours and facilities at risk, and to keep our people healthy and safe.Visit our Environment & Society website and learn more: