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Upstream International Pearl GTL, Qatar, 2011 Air separation unit

We have spent over 40 years researching technology to convert natural gas-to-liquid (GTL) into products used for transport fuel, lubricants and the raw materials for chemicals and detergents. Our experience includes operating the first commercial GTL plant in Bintulu, Malaysia, and building the world’s largest GTL plant, Pearl GTL, in Qatar. 

Story of Shell GTL

We have been researching how to produce liquid products from sources other than oil for over 40 years.

GTL products

Learn more about our range of gas to liquids products made from natural gas.

GTL processes

Discover the technology of natural gas-to-liquids (GTL).

Catalysts: speeding up chemical reactions

Catalysts speed up chemical reactions and are vital in converting natural gas to liquid fuels and other products.

Sulphur products

Shell has developed several promising new uses for sulphur, a by-product of gas production.

Cleaner air for bustling cities

Discover why one Amsterdam delivery company switched its fleet to a cleaner-burning fuel.

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