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Central processing facilities for Shell’s tight gas operations at Changbei, China.

Technological advancements are helping us to unlock major sources of natural gas trapped in dense rock, known as tight and shale gas, dramatically altering the energy landscape. We take many steps to help protect the environment where we operate and work closely with communities to address local concerns and help develop local economies and improve how we operate.

Tapping into tight and shale gas

Opening rock pores 20,000 times smaller than a human hair to unlock natural gas resources and help meet the world's growing demand for energy.

Cracking technical challenges

Drilling in different directions from one central location is helping us in exploring and producing natural gas trapped tightly in rock and limit our environmental footprint.

Keeping the natural balance

Reusing water and planting native seeds to restore land are some of the ways we work to limit the impact of our tight gas operations on people, wildlife and the landscape.

Building community relations

Meeting with locals, supporting community projects, providing jobs and training are part of our efforts to work with communities and share benefits – such as new transport networks – where we develop tight and shale gas resources.

Shell’s principles for producing from tight/shale oil and gas

We follow global operating principles focused on safety, environmental safeguards, and engagement with nearby communities to unlock resources safely and responsibly.

China’s pollution solution

Find out how Shell and its partner PetroChina are helping China towards a cleaner energy future, as the government fights a “war on pollution".