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Motorway with headlights

What is the future for mobility when cutting emissions is crucial? Could it signal the end for the combustion engine? We ask one of our Chief Scientists, Wolfgang Warnecke.

Good neighbours in narrow straits

Safely replacing a 6,000-tonne section of oil pipeline in the Port of Singapore needed precision planning and in-depth consultation to limit disruption to people nearby, including two fish farm owners.

Seismic Testing Oman

Advances in web and satellite communications are bringing specialist medical expertise to the remote places where we work, helping to save lives.

Cameraman Sidney Beadle and his assistant Ronnie Whitehouse patiently wait for a moth to break out of its cocoon of silk while filming in 1955. Water helps to cool their high-intensity lighting

See how award-winning documentaries made by Shell over the last 80 years have informed, entertained and tackled the challenges of the time.