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Bright ideas from our people and partners can spark ground-breaking technologies. Over the coming decades the need for creative solutions will grow as society seeks ways to meet growing energy demand for energy with less environmental impact. We work with partners in universities and other companies to better understand these challenges and find ways to overcome them.


Innovating at new depths

Watch how we have gone into ever deeper waters over the past century to safely produce new energy resources.

Natural gas – the smaller, smarter way

We are downsizing technology to squeeze natural gas from the smallest of fields – enough for a small town.

Building energy projects like clockwork

See how we’re using a multi-dimensional approach to help designers, engineers and suppliers deliver big energy projects safer and sooner.

A century in the Philippines

Follow the journey of one company and one country building a nation together.

3D printing

A 3D printer is causing instrument makers at the Shell Technology Centre Amsterdam to change the way they think.

New way of learning inspires young minds

Keno Mario-Ghae is a 20-year-old engineering student at one of the world’s top universities. His insatiable curiosity was sparked by a creative approach to education in a Nigerian school.

Floating a big idea

Barend Pek is part of the team helping turn the revolutionary idea of turning natural gas to liquid at sea, boosted by early funding from Shell GameChanger.

Farming cleaner air

How will the world limit greenhouse gas emissions and feed a growing population? A simple material, originally used by Amazonians thousands of years ago, could play a small part.

Shining a light on energy savings

Improving efficiency in homes and businesses is often a quick way to save energy and money. Yet many people are just beginning to take full advantage of the latest energy-saving technology.

Sailing into the future

A sleek and versatile concept tanker, designed by Shell to handle a wide range of sea and load conditions, could make the delivery of natural gas cleaner and more efficient in the future.

Powerful partners: sun, wind and natural gas

Some companies are creating hybrid plants that combine renewable energies with traditional fuels such as natural gas.

China’s young eco-warriors get a boost

China has been striving to sustain rapid economic growth and supply the energy that supports it, while also working to protect the environment. Shell is helping with a scheme that encourages young people to improve the environment in their towns and cities.

Cleaner coal

Shell technology can now turn virtually any coal – the world’s most abundant fossil fuel - into synthesis gas, a mix of hydrogen and carbon monoxide that burns as cleanly as natural gas.

Extracting heavy oil

Thick, heavy oil does not flow well and is hard to extract. We are finding ways to unlock this valuable resource.

Wind and sun power one-legged platform

Unmanned platforms that produce virtually no CO2 emissions are helping to recover isolated pockets of oil and gas from under the sea.

Can meditation lead to innovation?

Shell GameChanger Mandar Apte receives League of Intrapreneurs award for his programme to inspire innovation through meditation.

Inspiring the next generation: Queen Elizabeth Prize for Engineering

The Queen Elizabeth Prize for Engineering awards groundbreaking innovations in engineering that benefit humanity worldwide.