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Shell TechWorks

Our newest programme to bring in outside ideas and expertise through open innovation is Shell TechWorks. A team of diverse experts work together in adapting proven technologies from other industries to rapidly solve specific business challenges.

The Shell TechWorks offices will be based in select locations that allow team members to benefit from unusual partnerships, professionals and networks. They are all experienced entrepreneurs with backgrounds in science and engineering across a range of sectors: aerospace, defence, automotive, robotics, underwater exploration, semiconductors, biotechnology, and theoretical science. Collaborations between team members and external specialists offer a range of capabilities that support Shell’s upstream and downstream businesses:

  • Human robot interaction.

    Current project: developing unmanned underwater vehicles with special detection capabilities

  • Hardware/software design and development

    Current project: automating components of drilling operations;

  • Sensor development and integration

    Current project: embedding hyper-sensitive gravitational sensors in complex networked systems

  • Rapid prototyping & product deployment
  • Fault tolerant systems

    Current project: improving fault tolerance of critical emergency equipment

The expertise of the team and their networks help speed up the process to adapt technologies, build prototypes and scale them up. The team is relatively small so can move fast. It aims to complete each project and deploy the resulting technology in Shell within two years.

Our first office, Shell TechWorks Boston in Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA, is expected to be the first of several worldwide open innovation centres. They are designed to change the way innovation happens across Shell – and the energy industry.

For general enquiries you can use this form to contact Shell TechWorks.

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