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Shell Technology Ventures

The challenge of meeting rising energy demands alongside growing environmental pressures demands groundbreaking innovation. We recognise that no single company alone can develop all of the advanced technologies needed. The Shell Technology Ventures team invests in companies across the energy sector to speed up the development and deployment of new technologies which complement our business.

The Shell Technology Ventures team comprises of senior investment principals, engineers and scientists. With decades of expertise across all aspects of the energy industry, we are based in the Netherlands, Norway, UK and USA.

Providing support

We work closely with entrepreneurs and early-stage companies, as well as the venture capital firms that invest in them. We act as an investor and a partner in commercialisation. Our technical and scientific know-how can benefit the companies we support.

Partners may be granted access to Shell’s technical experts, its global research capability and its customer, supplier and contractor base. Shell may also look to enable field trials where appropriate and serve as a launching customer for these new technologies.

We will invest in companies no matter what stage of development they are at, from those with proven technologies at an early stage to more established firms that require growth capital.

We are looking for investment opportunities in technologies across our oil and gas operations, including:

  • geophysical imaging;
  • drilling and wells (in a range of  environments such as the Arctic, oil sands, or deep water);
  • well stimulation to boost production and well monitoring;
  • liquefied natural gas (LNG) and floating LNG (FLNG);
  • nanotechnology for materials and corrosion;
  • downstream refining;
  • gas-to-liquids (GTL), other feedstocks-to-liquids (XTL) and gas-to-chemicals;
  • boosting oil recovery from existing fields (increased oil recovery, IOR, and enhanced oil recovery, EOR).

We also invest in technologies to reduce CO2 emissions from our operations, boost energy efficiency and limit our water use.  

For the future we are interested in alternative energy technologies, in particular:

  • system integration such as large-scale heat and power storage and cleaner gas technologies for residential power and heat;
  • all aspects of the clean hydrogen supply chain;
  • scalable, renewable energy technologies with the potential to significantly reduce cost of energy, including fossil/renewable hybrid systems.

We recognise that there are technologies with great potential outside of Shell and we would like to hear about them.

Case studies

Since it was launched 15 years ago, Shell Technology Ventures has boosted companies to further develop exciting new technologies, for example:


Technology: enhanced oil recovery

GlassPoint GlassPoint designs, manufactures and installs solar steam generators, housing them in a unique glasshouse that protects the mirrors and moving parts from sand or dust. Our team saw its potential to replace natural gas in generating the steam injected into oil wells to boost recovery. According to GlassPoint, this approach can reduce CO2 emissions by up to 80% compared to conventional methods. Our investment followed a decision by Petroleum Development Oman to select GlassPoint for a solar thermal EOR demonstration project.

Visit GlassPoint to find out more: www.glasspoint.com


Technology: managed presure drilling

@Balance developed a system that keeps the pressure constant in the bottom of a well during drilling. This reduces the cost of drilling, for example by replacing the heavy drilling fluid that usually creates pressure. Our team developed the automatic valve used in the system and we are providing support to further develop it.


Technology: intelligent completions

WellDynamics developed technology that allows operators to remotely monitor and control oil and gas production in different locations in real time. The approach includes advanced sensors in the wells that feed back to a central system. Engineers can make adjustments from a central location, improving production.


Technology: acoustic telemetry

Xact has found a new way for engineers to gather information about oil and wells as they drill. Its sensors and transmitters run the length of the drill and work in different fluids, providing continuous information for a safer, more efficient approach.

Visit Xact to find out more: www.xactinc.com

The journey to success starts with you submitting your idea.

For general inquiries please contact shelltechnologyventures@shell.com  

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